Title Vilnius Simonas Daukantas progymnasium
The institution executing the owner‘s rights and obligations Vilnius City Municipality
Legal form Budget enterprise
Legal status Legal entity, code 301806638
The group of educational institution Comprehensive School
Type of school Progymnasium
Teaching language Lithuanian
Address Naugarduko Str. 7, Vilnius
Telephone number 85 2331488


  • Primary education curriculum
  • The first part of the secondary education curriculum


There are 997 students learning in the school: 396 students in the grades 1-4, 601 students in the grades 5-8.

There are 70 teachers: 11 teachers, 36 senior teachers, 22 teachers methodologists, 1 expert teacher.

The school employs a psychologist, a speech therapist, special educator, 2 social educator, 5 teachers’ assistants, 2 librarians and a nurse.


Headmaster Rita Lūžienė, II managerial cathegory

Deputy Master Sigitas Daubaras

Head of the primary education department Alvyda Blockuvienė (supervises 1-4 grades)

Head of the secondary education department Violeta Labanienė (supervises 5-8 grades)

Head of non-formal education and assistance department Eglė Ankėnienė, II managerial category

Head of education provision department Jelena Jakovleva


The establishment of the school in the year 1993 was initiated by Vilnius Pedagogics University and it was named VPU University School. During the first year of the school‘s operation there were 6 grades (1 – 6 grades) with 172 students. The number of students has been increasing every year. In 1997 the school was reorganized into a secondary school and granted the name of Simonas Daukantas.

In 2001 the school‘s facilities were improved – it was given premises in the city centre in Naugarduko Str. 7, where the school moved from the premises of a former kindergarten located in Lazdynai area Žėručio Str. 15. In 2001 a partial renovation of the building in Naugarduko Str. 7 was completed.

On the 1st of September, 2007 Vilnius “Ąžuolas” basic school was merged with Vilnius Simonas Daukantas School.

Since the 1st of September, 2008 Vilnius Simonas Daukantas Secondary School was divided into two separate legal units - Vilnius Simonas Daukantas Basic School (1 – 8 grades, Naugarduko Str. 7) and Vilnius Simonas Daukantas Secondary School (9 – 12 grades, J. Jasinskio Str. 11).

Since the 1st of September, 2011 Vilnius Simonas Daukantas Basic School was reorgaised into Vilnius Simonas Daukantas progymnasium.



Everyone is well here.


To provide a high-quality primary and secondary (I p.) education in a safe and creative environment based on mutual respect as well as to create the conditions for all the members of the community to improve themselves.

Strategic aims and objectives for the years 2015-2018

  1. To educate the conscience of the members of the school community:
    1. To develop prevention and health activities.
    2. To get the school community members involved into creation of agreements.
    3. To enhance activities of informing and educating parents.
  2. To educate leadership among the members of the school community:
    1. To encourage students’ leadership.
    2. To encourage teachers’ leadership.
  3. To organise the education basing on the students’ existing competences and creating the condition for obtaining new competences:
    1. To ensure the diversity of formal and non-formal education curricula when planning the contents of education.
    2. To foster the system of students’ assistance.
    3. To raise teachers’ and educators’ qualification.
    4. To renovate and expand educational spaces of the school.

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Antradienis 06 Birželis 2023

Vilniaus Simono Daukanto progimnazija

Naujienlaiškio prenumerata

1 klasės
  1. 8.30–9.05 val.
  2. 10 min. pertrauka
  3. 9.15–9.50 val.
  4. 30 min. pertrauka
  5. 10.20–10.55 val.
  6. 10 min. pertrauka
  7. 11.05–11.40 val.
  8. 10 min. pertrauka
  9. 11.50–12.25 val.
2–8 klasės
  1. 8.30–9.15 val.
  2. 10 min. pertrauka
  3. 9.25–10.10 val.
  4. 10 min. pertrauka
  5. 10.20–11.05 val.
  6. 20 min. pertrauka
  7. 11.25–12.10 val.
  8. 20 min. pertrauka
  9. 12.30–13.15 val.
  10. 10 min. pertrauka
  11. 13.25–14.10 val.
  12. 10 min. pertrauka
  13. 14.20–15.05 val.


1–8 kl. mokosi įprastu būdu mokykloje.

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